Ordinance Mitigating Elastomeric Generalized Application

OMEGA™ Advanced Blast & Ballistic Mitigation Coating


Superior protection for marine, land and air vehicles, and military base structures

PSI’s OMEGA™ is an ultra high-strength, rapid set, spray-applied, nanotech coating. This product will drastically reduce the damage sustained in a blast or ballistic event. OMEGA™ also exhibits superior abrasive resistance, low cathodic disbondment, high anti-fouling capabilities, and is a lightweight alternative to traditional protective solutions.  Our product is easily applied, and as a high-build coating, mimics the façade of the substrate, thereby offering high levels of concealable protection.

Blast, Ballistic and Anti-Fouling Protection for Marine Applications

PSI OMEGA coatings provide superior protection for blast, ballistic, and anti-fouling for maritime applications. Our coatings increase the life and longevity of steel structures that are exposed to harsh saltwater environments, and with OMEGA™, provide lightweight blast and ballistic protection for the vessels that travel in high-risk areas.

•  Lightweight Alternative to Traditional Blast and Ballistic
   Mitigation Solutions

•  Low Cathodic Disbondment Properties

•  Neutrally Buoyant Solution

•  Blast and Ballistic Protection for Magazines and
   Munitions Storage

•  Increased Anti-Fouling Properties Reduce Parasitic Drag
   by Preventing Sea Life Growth Forming on the
   Submerged Sections of the Vessel.


OMEGA™ is a lightweight alternative to traditional armoring systems and greatly enhances the blast and ballistic capabilities of land and air vehicles. OMEGA™ prevents spalling into the personnel areas of the vehicle and the self-healing properties of our coatings systems aids in the prevention of fuel loss and ignition created by a fuel cell puncture.

•  Lightweight Alternative to Traditional Armoring Systems

•  Enhances Blast and Ballistic Capabilities of Existing
   Armoring Systems

•  Applied Directly to the Substrate, or as an Appliqué
   Armoring Solution for Ease of Replacement in the Event
   of Damage Due to a Blast or Ballistic Event

Blast, Ballistic Protection for Land and Air Military Vehicles

Blast, Ballistic Protection for Buildings And Military Base Infrastructures

Blast, Ballistic Protection for Personnel And Forward Operating Bases

OMEGA™ is a rapid set product that dries in a few minutes. Our product’s rapid cure rate allows for a quick implementation of our protective solution. OMEGA™ coatings replicate the façade of the substrate upon which it is applied, creates a high level of concealability, and adds to the overall aesthetic of the of the protective coating as opposed to traditional armoring methods.

OMEGA™ provides enhanced fortification and longevity to FOBs.  Our product easily creates safe spaces for personnel operating in high-risk locations. OMEGA™ can also be used as a anti-spall coating, or applied as blast protection to heavy equipment operating in mine prone areas. OMEGA™ can also be utilized to crate ballistic shields for checkpoint locations.

OMEGA™ is a registered technology of

and is distributed exclusively by GTI.