Advanced Lightweight Blast and Ballistic Threat Mitigation available exclusively through GTI

Protective Solutions International is the industry leader in providing the most advanced, lightweight solutions for blast and ballistic threat mitigation for buildings, vehicles, and personnel operating in the world’s most high-risk environments.

At the core of every  PSI solution is our proprietary OMEGA™ technology. It is this cutting-edge nanotechnology that infuses our products with their top-tier protective properties, and  provides PSI the ability to deploy the most advanced levels of critical asset protection available today.

PSI Technologies

OMEGA Technology

PSI’s OMEGA™ Protective Coatings are designed specifically for the Defense sector to provide a lightweight alternative for blast and ballistic protection for buildings, vehicles, assets and other critical infrastructure in high-risk locations. OMEGA™ is a spray-applied nanotech coating that provides a rapid set, monolithic layer of protection to any surface to which it is applied.



MONOLITH Technology

PSI’s  MONOLITH™ Protective Coatings are designed with Industrial and Commercial sectors in mind.  MONOLITH™ exhibits high levels of anti-fouling capabilities, superior abrasion resistance, and a tough monolithic layer of protection to any surface to which it is applied.



Alpha Armor Plate Technology

PSI’s Alpha Armor Systems are advanced, lightweight armoring solutions optimized for personnel that operate in high-risk environments. AlphaBody Armor systems are available in varying levels of protection; NIJ Levels III, III+, and IV. All PSI Alpha  Armor Systems are designed to be lightweight, multi-hit, stand alone configurations, thereby eliminating the need for heavy soft armor backing required to prevent penetrations with lesser solutions.

Our Continued Focus 

PSI's business philosophy and focus is to provide our clients, both military and civil, with advanced, state-of-the-art solutions that safeguard infrastructure, equipment and most importantly, people.


Our uniquely designed and delivered solutions are unequaled in performance and cost-effectivness. All of PSI's technologies
deliver protective capabilities far surpassing any comparable offering. Whether it’s our advanced ballistic armor plates, OMEGA blast and ballistic coatings or specialized protective engineering programs, we maintain an unwavering commitment to the understanding that it is people we are ultimately protecting.

GTI is the exclusive distributor of Protective Solutions International products and services.